Day Seven: 3rd John

I have officially been in this challenge for a week! So far it’s been hard but pretty rewarding. I’m seeing themes and connections in Scripture that I haven’t picked up on before and visited some books that I haven’t read in a long time! Mainly some of the prophets.

Today I wrapped up my first series of books 1st, 2nd and 3rd John. As I mentioned in my previous posts the first 2 books had a big emphasis on loving one another. It was repeated again and again.

The third book in the set builds off of that. Again John is writing to an individual a gentleman named Gaius. In verse 5 he commended him for caring for the traveling teachers who pass through saying that word of his “loving friendship” has reached the him.

Conversely, in verse 9 John tells of Diotrephes, who refuses to do the same. Diotrephes refuses to help any traveling teachers and when others in the church attempt to do so, he casts them out of the church. John encourages Gaius to continue in the work he is doing, and not to follow this bad example put forth by Diotrephes.

To me it seems like these two men are perfect examples of what John has talked about in his previous books. Love one another and do so in a way where people can tangibly see that love. Gaius is a living example of that teaching lived out, while Diotrephes gives a clear example of what not to do.

Tomorrow I will be heading to the book of Philemon and Saturday I have made sure to keep my schedule clear so I can finally tackle Psalms! See you tomorrow!

In Christ,


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