Day Fourteen: Exodus

Today is the first day that I wanted to give up. It really had nothing to do with the content, and everything to do with me. I am tired and the last thing I wanted to do today was read- a pretty rare occurrence for me. I think reading Genesis and Exodus back to back was a bit much- both are longer books- but I really wanted to see the flow from one book to the next.

It really felt like I was reading the next book in a series- Exodus picked up right where Genesis left off without missing a beat.

If you read yesterday’s blog you know that I had a specific goal in mind- I wanted to see why the people of Israel became so faithless after generations of men with rock solid faith that God would fulfill his promises. What happened to shake that foundation?

As I read, I think I see a large part of the problem. In Genesis Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are all men without a place. They wander with their flocks and they literally have to trust God with their daily provision. If they can’t find water or the wells have dried up they must wait for God to provide- and they know he will. It isn’t even a question.

When they move to Egypt at the end of Genesis I think that changed them. The generations that grew up in Egypt grew up in comfort. They had homes provided, food at their fingertips and until slavery happened, a livelihood.

When God rescues them from that slavery they are grateful- until things get uncomfortable. The second they start to get out of their comfort zone, they begin to complain that life was better in Egypt! Israel was ok with living in Egypt and passing on the land that God had set aside for them for generations.

We look at them and scoff thinking, “I can’t believe they did that after seeing everything God did! I would never do that.”

Except we do.

How often do we settle for good things that are easy, instead of God’s best? Corporately as a church and individually? I know I have been guilty of it.

Look around at the church in America- I firmly believe that most are settling for what they can get in today’s culture. But what if we really asked God what he wanted us to do- no holds barred? Anything He commanded we would do. Because that is the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Tomorrow I will be moving back into the New Testament and checking out Titus. See you then!

In Christ,