Day Twenty: Ezekiel

In this challenge so far I’ve found that the major and minor prophets in the Old Testament are some of the hardest to read. Ezekiel was no different but it did have one powerfully overriding theme that jumped out at me.

God is Sovereign.

God calls himself Sovereign, nations and people address him as Sovereign and Ezekiel declares it multiple times. And I would bet that most of us have heard that God is Sovereign or even said it to others. But do we really register what we are saying?

Sovereign means the ultimate authority. No questioning or no bargaining- just complete obedience to The Sovereign. Do we treat God this way? For example, if he prompts you to go pray with someone, or to speak out in a situation, is your first response obedience?

The people of Israel didn’t- and as a result ended up in captivity. In Ezekiel, God tells them that he will remove them from the land, and then restore them so that they and all the other nations will know that he his the Sovereign Lord.

It’s pretty intense- and a topic I’ve marked down to revisit after these 66 days are up. Tomorrow, I’ll be moving on to 1 Chronicles!

In Christ,


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