Day Twenty-One: 1 Chronicles

First off some of you following may have realized that this post is a day late. My challenge has been to do one book of the Bible everyday for 66 days and up until yesterday I’ve managed that. Part of it was poor planning on my part- I thought the holiday would be a slower day. But once I got closer to the time I would normally be reading or writing we were heading to fireworks and I made the choice to skip a day.

Family is sacred too and lately work schedules have made that time scarce. Additionally in a week our family will be splitting up- the kids to go visit grandparents, my husband will be home working and I’ll be taking a group of teenagers to camp. So, yesterday I just enjoyed our family and fireworks.

Today however I’m back at it! When I opened up my Bible and started reading I discovered a LOT of genealogies. The first 8 chapters were all about the family lines from Noah to David.

Then in chapter 9 they listed the genealogies of everyone who returned to Judah after the exile to Babylon. And King Saul’s family tree.

Starting in chapter 10 it had a lot more of a narrative feel- but now you start to see a lot of lists. Lists of David’s mighty men, lists of men in the army, lists of David’s preparations for the Temple- it really goes on and on through the entire book.

One of my favorite parts was in chapter 17. David’s starts planning to build the Temple himself, and the Lord stops him. In verses 4-14, God tells David that he is going to make his descendants into a dynasty, and that his son will build the Temple- not David himself. (Hints of Christ’s coming are here as well!)

When David hears this he isn’t disappointed that God has essentially shutdown his project for the time being. He is excited about God’s promise! He says:

“And now, O God, in addition to everything else, you speak of giving your servant a lasting dynasty! You speak as though I were someone very great, O Lord God! What more can I say to you about the way you have honored me? You know what your servant is really like.” – 1 Chronicles 17:17-18

David, God’s anointed King of his Chosen People is amazes at God’s promise to continue his line. He says “You know what your servant is really like.”- to me this shows incredible humility. David really sounds shocked that God would give this gift to him!

I know many times we feel like God owes us something. They way we pray screams it- everything is about the people we love, the things we need or want- I know I personally at least need to step it up in being thankful and worshipful in my prayer life. So seeing David truly honored and humbled by God’s blessing on his life is a real reminder to me that this show is not about me- its all about God and his plan and purposes.

Join me tomorrow in 2 Chronicles!

In Christ,


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