Day Twenty-Three: Zephaniah

Greeting! We are officially 1/3 of the way through this challenge- only 43 books left to go!

My reading in this first section have focused heavily on the Major and Minor prophets, with occasional forays into the New Testament. So I’m really starting to get a clear picture of the nations of Israel and Judah before the exile to Babylon. For example, yesterday when I read 2nd Chronicles it talked about Josiah one of the faithful Kings of Judah. Then today Zephaniah opened up by stating that it was written during the reign of Josiah!

As I read further I was a little surprised. Because Josiah’s reign was a pretty good one, as he tried to drive the people back to God. And Zephaniah is again warning the people that God will judge them for their disobedience.

It has reminded me that God is remarkably patient with his people. We are talking about generation after generation that is warned of the consequences of disobedience and prophet after prophet speaking the word of the Lord. He has to care so much to be that patient!

Tomorrow I’m still in the Old Testament this time in the book of Numbers!

In Christ,


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