Day Twenty-Four: Numbers

This book is very appropriately named. It has covered the counting of God’s people and the counting of wealth of Israel. It also included how many animals should be used for which sacrifices, what tithes should be paid, and lists of the physical provisions God had made for each tribe.

But one of the biggest things I noticed was Moses’s brother Aaron. He served as Israel’s high priest during their wilderness wandering and after reading this I don’t think he gets nearly enough credit!

Moses was clearly the one speaking directly to God (Numbers 12:8), but Aaron was responsible for the day to day running of the Tabernacle. He supervised setting it up and packing it up when God moves Israel to a new location. He lead the sacrifices, mixing incense, directing the Levites who served in the Tabernacle. And considering the fighting men of Israel numbered over 600,000 he has no small task before him!

And all that aside Aaron stood beside his brother. Every time Israel backslid and brought the wrath of God upon themselves, Moses and Aaron physically stood between the people and God’s wrath, interceding on their behalf.

I’m very impressed by this man of God, and again I don’t think he received the credit he is due at times.

Tomorrow I will continue on into the book of Deuteronomy! I’ll be traveling with our student ministry next week, so I’m trying to hit some of this bigger books this week and save the smaller ones for our trip.

In Christ,


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